WelcHome Office

Glamourous and inspiring enviroment for you and your business.


WelcHome Office

Glamourous and inspiring enviroment for you and your business.

The idea

In Milan, the Italian epicentre of fashion and design, two dynamic and highly fascinating coworking spaces have been created: places where encounters become new possibilities and thoughts become projects.

Time2Work, located between the Navigli and Sant’Agostino, is the co-working space that comes from our desire to give value to the importance of your time when you work. Through our practical T2W app, you can manage services, times of use and costs. You only pay for the time you need.

Sign2Work, just a few steps from the Arco della Pace and from Parco Sempione, is the coworking space that is the result of our passion for design and creativity. A versatile and convivial venue, a location for events and exhibitions, it is perfect for those who look for beauty in all its variations.

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Our locations and services

Forget the costs and times of set-up and management of traditional offices. Have a new working experience which lets you grow your activity and come into connection with different professional profiles.
Our locations offer furnished offices, comfortable workstations in smart working, shared spaces where you can see your clients, meeting rooms and relax areas with Wi-Fi. The services included in our offers include the use of printers, air conditioning, heating and cleaning.
The dynamic and innovative furnishing and design elements adapt to your requirements: find the perfect solution for you and your business, in a working environment conceived for your well-being.

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The advantages of working in our coworking spaces

No running or
set-up costs

Flexible spaces that
can be personalized

No deposit

COVID-19 and coworking

Are you looking for an alternative to working from home for you or your company, but working in a shared environment is a concern for you?

Time2Work offers working spaces that combine professionalism and maximum flexibility with safety and maximum respect for the measures of anti-contagion prevention.